UnknownThe CSPi Myricom® ARC Series of 10 GbE network adapters are industry leaders in low-latency performance, zero loss reliability, user-definable functionality and value pricing. Building on two decades of performance leadership, they deliver highly efficient options for packet capture, high frequency trading and video editing applications.

Unique application functionality is implemented in two tightly integrated firmware and software solutions: (1) DBL for extreme low-latency financial trading and (2) Sniffer10G for pure packet capture. Media file distribution and high-definition 4K video editing are supported with configurations for not only Mac OS-X but also Windows and Linux. ARC Series designs enable a steady stream of enhancements that keep pace with advancing technology.

Packet capture and network monitoring: ARC Series with Sniffer10G purpose built for cybersecurity and other network security applications is available in the following part numbers:

Video and Multimedia Content Delivery: ARC Series 10GbE Adapters for high definition content delivery is available in the following part numbers:

Financial Trading: ARC Series with DBL™ optimized for complexities for the automated trading environment is available in the following options:

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