GB Labs are an innovative and forward thinking storage and archiving manufacturer successfully creating products since 2000 with a portfolio of projects ranging from ‘The Long Way Down’ TV Show, to contracts for the Military and the BBC. In 2003 they were awarded with a ‘MacWorld’ award for our ‘Global Studio’ portable edit suite with satellite transfer technology and have since developed many more exciting and unique products.

With over a decade of experience within the post production solutions market, GB Labs have an enviable knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premiere and how to make them all work in harmony.  After extensive research within multiple markets including; post production, education, military, medical research and broadcast, GB Labs developed “Space”.

Starting with the SSD solutions, only GB Labs has the experience and know-how to produce SSD systems that deliver on the promises of solid state technology. For example, Space SSD provides incredibly fast sustained data rates, support for the largest heavy duty workgroups, unparalleled multi-stream 4K, 8K and DPX performance and is virtually maintenance-free.

GB Labs’ product range extends from Space SSD to a breathe of products and solutions for different environments such as broadcast, advertising and media, video and internet production, film and historical archives, military, university and health.

We are the exclusive distributor for Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

Contact GB Labs Australasia, a division of Eureka Pacific on 02 9450 1128 or email us 

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Space SSD

The largest workgroups and the most demanding high-resolution compositing and editing tasks require the highest performance storage. This need has pushed GB Labs to create the Worlds’ fastest SSD based shared storage systems with scalable performance and capacity up to 9000 MB/second and 1.4PB.

Download Tier 0 Spec Brochure

Mini Space SSD

With the performance characteristics that only a pure SSD system can deliver, Mini Space SSD is totally unique and hugely capable when working with demanding media in the field.

Download Tier 0 Spec Brochure

Mini Space SSD 1RU

High density, low-profile storage for OB trucks, data centres. Mini Space SSD 1RU excels at highly intensive media tasks, such as large transcoding and rendering farms or high resolution editing and compositing.

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Empowering media and entertainment workflows worldwide to the best known names in the film and broadcast industry. If you are thinking HyperSpace is just another cache, please read on…

Download Tier 1 Spec Brochure

MiniSpace 1RU

Developed for low profile racks and portable deployments, this 1U power house can provide reliable and fully featured shared storage in the smallest of rack mount server sizes with the huge performance and guaranteed streams that you expect from a Space Tier 1 product.

Download Tier 1 Spec Brochure


The F-16 delivers huge performance and huge capacity at a fraction of the cost of other systems

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