Royal Shakespeare Company invests in GB Labs Space

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s in-house Video Media department is responsible for producing high quality and engaging trailers, synopsis, interviews and education content to promote the Royal Shakespeare Company and its award winning stage productions.

The Royal Shakespeare Company’s previous storage solution consisted of an array of stand-alone edit suites with locally attached external drives amongst a few basic NAS units. As the RSC’s demands for their storage requirements changed, with projects and file sizes becoming larger resulting in increased transfer times, a faster solution was required.

Following wide reaching research to find a more streamlined workflow, the RSC found that GB Labs’ product line-up was the ideal collaborative upgrade they required. The features, along with the ability to expand UP and DOWN without re-designing the system, where a particular draw.

A combination of Space 32TB and Space EX 16TB was chosen for the RSC’s 48TB online storage; this currently works in harmony with their older nearline NAS units with an off-site clone while LTO-6 provides offline storage and archiving. The solution currently serves 6 workstations using DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premier Pro and Nuke with 3 of the clients connected via 10GbE.

Benefits of Space for the RSC:

Speed – The ability to backup and archive much faster than previously
Reliability – To be able to trust and rely on Space
FTP – To conveniently exchange data with other sites.
Support of third party NAS – For seamless interaction with other storage servers.

‘I definitely recommend GB LABS to anyone looking for a fast, reliable shared storage solution; SPACE has simplified our work flow and reduced data transfer times down to zero with all our systems sharing the same central storage. The server has performed flawlessly, with zero down-time to date!’

‘GB LABS have made our phased acquisition approach possible; as we plan to increase performance with HYPERSPACE and expand our nearline storage with ECHO in due course.’

‘The addition of SPACE has allowed us to join all of our post production systems together, allowing our Ingest, Edits and Grade Suite to share the same footage over 10GbE, bringing our data transfer times down to zero. This has streamlined our work-flow, simplified our data management and greatly increased productivity. Our existing NAS units have been repurposed as nearline storage and are fully integrated into our SPACE workflow.’

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The FastNAS Advantage

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Key Features

  • RAID 6 security
  • Supports SMB/CIFS, AFP,NFS, HTTP and FTP
  • Live monitoring tools
  • Powerful le manager
  • Avid bin sharing
  • Active Directory synchronization
  • Cloud support
  • Remote support and extensive notification tools

Imagine turnkey shared storage that seamlessly combines the bene ts of hard disk drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) in one box… Even better than that, imagine if the global leader and pioneer of SSD shared storage and hybrid disk technology was to bring 16 years of experience and development to this box.

No need to imagine because it’s true and it’s here now. In fact this product isn’t just built for high end post production or broadcasters, it is the ideal storage platform for anybody interested in high performance NAS combined with large capacities at an amazing price point.

GB Labs are proud to announce FastNAS, an exciting new concept in shared storage technology – A high performance single unit with unique hybrid disk technology and Core 3 OS Lite. This highly ef cient OS allows for full utilization of all the components, giving the best translation from disk to network, resulting in an unrivalled user experience of real world performance.

Main Benefits

• Big tier 1 NAS performance, tested to deliver in real world environments. • Built for media usage, great for everything else.
• Nitro Hybrid Boost SSD and HDD technology available.
• Fast installation and setup with user friendly web interface.

• Comprehensive Global support options.
• Works in mixed OS environments, with no client software or drivers required. • Powerful features, including Cloud and remote data replication.

The FastNAS Advantage

For over 16 years GB Labs have been empowering creative work ows for some of the best-known names in the media and entertainment industry.

Our extensive range of intelligent storage and archiving products serve our customers needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. What is more, most of our solutions are easily scalable with minimal downtime. This scalability means you can ‘buy as you grow’ which helps keep your initial investment low.

Our Core operating system (OS) is at the heart of all GB Labs products. Built speci cally for the hardware it runs on, the Core OS offers unrestricted performance and unrivalled ef ciency. It is unique and offers a feature rich toolset, tailor made for the demands of modern le based work ows.

With no drivers to install, no licenses to buy, GB Labs has made owning and using shared storage equipment a whole new experience. Mixed OS (Mac, PC, Linux) workgroups can easily work collaboratively for greater ef ciency and creativity, while safe in the knowledge that critical assets are suitably protected.

All FastNAS platforms bene t from best of breed technology exclusively developed in-house for the ultimate shared storage experience. Unlike other NAS products FastNAS is purpose built to sustain heavy workloads and provide stable and reliable performance.

Using Myricom® Sniffer10G Adapters for DDOSs

Staminus Communications provides a unique patented hybrid layer 3-7 tap-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solution. A solution that scales horizontally and features global threat intelligence, unrivaled response time in stopping DDoS attacks and centralized management for both cloud and appliance-based implementations.

The Staminus code stack supports dynamic workload mobility from the customer’s on-premises cloud to Staminus IP backbone public hyperscale cloud, providing fully automatic and scalable global DDoS mitigation. All the software is developed in-house, starting with the core security engine (SecurePort) to UI/UX via a client portal. This enables them to mitigate tens of thousands of attacks per week, for thousands of customers and clients from over 100 countries. All types of industries choose Staminus to safeguard their mission-critical services, and in varying sizes.

Staminus is the only global DDoS mitigation network that also develops their own software technology and hardware appliances. Optimizing price and performance enables Staminus to provide low entry cost solutions while being able to scale for the largest installations. A key to this solution is CSPi’s Myricom 10G network adapters in combination with Sniffer10G software.


Staminus needed to analyze large quantities of tra c accurately, in depth, e ciently, and quickly. These challenges are often in contention with each other, and as such made choosing the appropriate hardware very di cult. Staminus needed a platform that would e ectively support all their goals without imposing limitations in any category. Ease of implementation was another important factor as meeting their aggressive time to market goal was key. It was for these reasons Staminus selected CSPi’s Myricom Products.


Staminus developed their own SecureShield DDoS mitigation applicance using CSPi’s Myricom® 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2S network adapters and Sni er10G lossless packet capture software to achieve reliable line rate performance. This implementation was ideal for handling the heavy tra c load in real-time meeting their stringent monitoring and migitation goals.


The CSPi Myricom platform provides line rate packet analysis with an associated set of tools that allows Staminus to develop their security system in line with their series of goals. It also o ers future proo ng and the ability to grow into much larger data rate analysis with backward compatibility.

Case Study download

To purchase Sniffer10G and a range of Myricom solutions, contact Eureka Pacific Email sales(@) or 02 9450 1125

MacTalks Tech YouTube Channel on using CalDigit

The MacTalksTech YouTube Channel is focused on the newest technology products but Mac differentiates with his channel is including personal experience and thoughts about the products he presents. Recently he spoke with Caldigit about how their products have him to create the channel’s videos.

What types of products do you review?
I review a variety of different products ranging from small electronic accessories, over to smartphones and even computers. Whatever catches my attention and interest is featured on the channel.

What inspired you to put together a YouTube channel?
Honestly I needed to learn how to edit videos after recording a graduation of a family member. I thought the best way to do it is by recording an easy video like a product unboxing. It ended up on YouTube and since I enjoyed the workflow I kept on going but I always loved the newest technology and YouTube allows me to share it with people around the world.

What is your process for making your videos? What equipment do you use?
My main editing machine is a 2013 Apple Mac Pro with a 10-core processor, 64GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. I did all the upgrades myself and of course all videos about it can be found on the channel. Connected to the 2013 Mac Pro are 3 32” UHD 4K screens and a 46” LED TV. My main editing storage is the CalDigit T4 with 12TB and for the finished projects I use a variety of NAS Servers. 

What software do you edit your videos on?
My primary editing software of choice is FinalCut Pro X in combination with Motion. It lacks some professional features but for me it’s the fastest way to get videos edited. For more demanding projects and most of the client work I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. For photo editing my go to software is Adobe Photoshop CC.

How important is it to have fast and dependable storage like the T4 for working on your videos?
There is nothing worse than losing a finished project or footage before releasing it. It happened to me before and some footage can’t be rerecorded. Using the CalDigit T4 in Raid 1 I am sure my data is secure and I can quickly access it.

What are your opinions on the T4’s design quality?
I am a big fan of the aluminium design. The device looks great on the table next to my computer and screens. The device is quiet and the drives are easily accessible whenever needed.

How important is social media in getting your videos seen, and interacting with viewers?
Social media is what keeps me going. Hearing immediate feedback from my viewers is crucial and what differentiates Internet media from old media. I answer many Facebook messages, emails and tweets from viewers regarding hardware problems, questions or just feedback they want me to hear.

Would you recommend CalDigit storage to other professional users?
While I won’t name the companies I tried a variety of different storage devices and I only kept the CalDigit T4. Some were very loud, others crashed all the time and most of them didn’t even slightly match the CalDigit T4‘s speed. I use the CalDigit device daily and so far I’ve had only very positive experiences with it. I highly recommend the CalDigit storage options.For more information on Mac Talks Tech check out the YouTube Channel:
Article by CalDigit Inc.

Aardman choose GB Labs Media Storage

Award-winning animation studio, Aardman, create film, broadcast, advertising and interactive entertainment. Their work includes Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep and Chicken Run; to name but a few…
Aardman considered GB Labs initially because they were having problems with their existing SAN solution. Not only were upgrades disruptive to projects, but they also found that upgrading meant some of their hardware would become redundant. The first stage of the project was to introduce Space Bridge which literally bridged the gap and recycled their existing fibre RAIDs.Realising the power the Space Bridge product had achieved, discussions soon began internally with their CGI department who were having issues with their existing media storage. GB Labs were called in to do some testing on their network dataflow.
Testing was carried out with one of our SSD products and the results led us to recommend our HyperSpace solution for CGI, editing and render farm.

GB Labs installed a 3.2TB HyperSpace accelerator over 192TB of Space + HDD. Not only will this solution cater for their current requirements, but it is also expandable to 30TB acceleration over 2.3PB of HDD, making this solution future proof.

The solution serves more than 40 workstations using DaVinci Resolve, Nuke, Maya, 3ds Max, Adobe Creative Cloud and also the 25 node render farm.

GB Labs are delighted to have an ongoing relationship with Aardman, one of the best known names in Global animation.

The addition of Space + and Hyperspace to our production workflow has enabled us to join together our Edit, CGI & Render, and Grade Suite to access the same fast storage, with specific clients in each area connected over 10Gb/s links.Our aging Edit SAN storage has been recycled and now connected into Bridge to allow us to continue to grow our offline and archive storage area as different projects require, and also allows for mix platforms on the client side.”

Paul Reeves – Aardman

GB Labs to launch new extreme performance, Hybrid, cost effective shared storage range

This year at IBC, GB Labs will be launching a groundbreaking shared storage range called FastNAS which seamlessly combines the benefits of hard disk drive (HDD) and Solid State Drive (SSD) in one box.

The FastNAS range is the result of GB Labs eight years of pioneering SSD shared storage and Hybrid disk technology. This research and development puts us well ahead of our competition with a pedigree in proven technology.

This turnkey content creation system, with features of our larger systems is ideal for anybody interested in ultra high performance combined with large capacities. The range has an incredible price point starting from only $9,999.

With performance up to 3000MB/s, 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb Ethernet options, capacities up to 320TB and dynamic expansion built in as standard. Our unique Nitro* technology combines two very different disk characteristics to provide the benefits of both. Nitro works in harmony to intelligently streamline demanding digital media and entertainment workflows.

Users can work collaboratively with virtually all creative software in a cross platform environment without requiring extensive IT knowledge. Easy to use, easy to support and backed by a global support team.

FastNAS features Core 3 Lite, a new version of our award winning Core 3 OS, which has been perfected to giving users incredible tools and outstanding performance combined with ultimate stability.

Find us on stand: 7.J15 at IBC 2016

GB Labs and Comprimato to Unveil Single File, Multi Resolution Storage Workflows with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

— Intelligent software simplifies file management and minimizes storage space requirements for 

complex high-resolution video production pipelines —

GB Labs have partnered with Comprimato, a high-resolution video compression technology company, to offer intelligent, resolution-agnostic live transcoding software for GB Labs media storage, enhancing and simplifying workflows for Adobe® Premiere® Pro Creative Cloud users. The new solution provides users with a single file available at multiple resolutions, for easier file management and reduced storage space requirements. With the new technology, video editors and post-production professionals will be able to streamline their projects and infrastructure for a more efficient production pipeline

One file, one path, multiple resolutions.

For complex production workflows, decoding media files saves hours of re-versioning or multiple copy creations to satisfy proxy editing at one end of the production workflow and finishing workflows at the other.

Our technical partnership with Comprimato will greatly enhance the user experience for both Adobe Premiere Pro CC users and those who manage the storage they work from.
Dominic Harland – CEO of GB Labs

“We are very excited about this partnership. By integrating the Comprimato video compression technology with our partners, GB Labs, we significantly enhance video editing workflows.”
Jan De Waard – VP of Sales, Comprimato

Both GB Labs and Comprimato will be attending IBC and will be available on stand 7.J15 to discuss the technical partnership and answer any questions.

GB Labs Launch Echo36 with complete failover at IBC 2016

Echo 36 is the big brother of GB Labs Echo nearline storage product. The Echo36 with our new Cloak DR software offers complete failover for power/disk failure and localized disaster. This makes Echo 36 a bulletproof storage solution for large broadcasters where data availability is paramount.

Two Echo 36 units working together provide unparalleled security and high availability with no single point of failure through storage and networking layers. Our unique Core operating system writes to both units simultaneously and in real-time, even when the units are up to 10Km apart.

Should one Echo 36 unit be completely destroyed, the same data is available in seconds from the other. Users on the network would be unaware because our operating system manages this transition over a single virtualized IP address, leading to no downtime and no relinking of media or other servers.

About GB Labs

The Space product range built by GB Labs, represents 16 years of storage innovation in the media industry, serving our customers needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. We empower creative workflows worldwide to some of the best-known names in media and entertainment.

Eureka Pacific is the exclusive GB Labs representative in Australia, New Zealand and South Asia.