MacTalks Tech YouTube Channel on using CalDigit

The MacTalksTech YouTube Channel is focused on the newest technology products but Mac differentiates with his channel is including personal experience and thoughts about the products he presents. Recently he spoke with Caldigit about how their products have him to create the channel’s videos.

What types of products do you review?
I review a variety of different products ranging from small electronic accessories, over to smartphones and even computers. Whatever catches my attention and interest is featured on the channel.

What inspired you to put together a YouTube channel?
Honestly I needed to learn how to edit videos after recording a graduation of a family member. I thought the best way to do it is by recording an easy video like a product unboxing. It ended up on YouTube and since I enjoyed the workflow I kept on going but I always loved the newest technology and YouTube allows me to share it with people around the world.

What is your process for making your videos? What equipment do you use?
My main editing machine is a 2013 Apple Mac Pro with a 10-core processor, 64GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD. I did all the upgrades myself and of course all videos about it can be found on the channel. Connected to the 2013 Mac Pro are 3 32” UHD 4K screens and a 46” LED TV. My main editing storage is the CalDigit T4 with 12TB and for the finished projects I use a variety of NAS Servers. 

What software do you edit your videos on?
My primary editing software of choice is FinalCut Pro X in combination with Motion. It lacks some professional features but for me it’s the fastest way to get videos edited. For more demanding projects and most of the client work I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC. For photo editing my go to software is Adobe Photoshop CC.

How important is it to have fast and dependable storage like the T4 for working on your videos?
There is nothing worse than losing a finished project or footage before releasing it. It happened to me before and some footage can’t be rerecorded. Using the CalDigit T4 in Raid 1 I am sure my data is secure and I can quickly access it.

What are your opinions on the T4’s design quality?
I am a big fan of the aluminium design. The device looks great on the table next to my computer and screens. The device is quiet and the drives are easily accessible whenever needed.

How important is social media in getting your videos seen, and interacting with viewers?
Social media is what keeps me going. Hearing immediate feedback from my viewers is crucial and what differentiates Internet media from old media. I answer many Facebook messages, emails and tweets from viewers regarding hardware problems, questions or just feedback they want me to hear.

Would you recommend CalDigit storage to other professional users?
While I won’t name the companies I tried a variety of different storage devices and I only kept the CalDigit T4. Some were very loud, others crashed all the time and most of them didn’t even slightly match the CalDigit T4‘s speed. I use the CalDigit device daily and so far I’ve had only very positive experiences with it. I highly recommend the CalDigit storage options.For more information on Mac Talks Tech check out the YouTube Channel:
Article by CalDigit Inc.

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