GB Labs and Asahi Broadcasting Corp

Baseball is a national obsession in Japan. While under 21s European soccer tournaments struggle to attract players (let alone audiences), junior level baseball has enormous national appeal in the Far East. By way of example, this year’s National High School Baseball Championship was broadcast each and every night for 3 weeks.

Asahi Broadcasting Corp

Asahi Broadcasting Corp

The Netto Koshien is a daily wrap-up program for the tournament, produced as a collaboration between TV Asahi and Asahi Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). It is shown as part of the ANN evening show.

GB Labs SPACE units were used as central shared storage for the realtime multicam ingest, multicam editing during capture and for daily back-ups. The system ran glitch-free over the 3 weeks and the workflow benefits offered by the high performance storage contributed to the TV program’s commercial success.

The ultra-fast super tier 1 NAS SPACE SSD was at the heart of the production. The platform was used to capture up-to 12 channels of ProRes LT (at 100Mb/s), with feeds coming directly from the stadium cameras into multi-channel ingest software; 7 Final Cut Pro 7 suites were connected to the storage giving the editors smooth multicam editing on the fly. Crucial was the ability of the editors to scrub video stream, play double speed or reverse play to select key moments and make cuts quickly. This extreme system load was made all the more taxing as technicians would regularly import other footage from P2 and XDCAM camcorders onto the storage network.

These combined processes are the ultimate test for central storage, calling upon multiple, random and simultaneous read and writes during multi-stream recording. In the final analysis, editors were very satisfied with the speed, responsiveness and the stability of Space SSD. No other shared storage can deliver this sustained performance given the program budget. No architecture except NAS can be set up and configured in such a limited time frame.

Video Format: 1920x1080i29.97
File format and codec: QT ProRes422
Ingest: 12 streams
Video File copies: unpredictable
Playback performance: 7×9=63 stream – 12 hours of daily data (5TB/day)

The crew employed SPACE 96TB + SPACE EX 96TB Tier 1 system running the Core v3 OS for fast daily backups. The file transfers took place from 2am to about 5am via a 10GbE connection. The daily replication was error-free throughout during 3 weeks. In order for editors to actively use SPACE tier 1 storage during the replication process, it is anticipated that 40GbE will be used in future years.

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